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The 21st century, so far has giving us its fair share of power, destruction, hate, trickery, mourning, Wild Elections, new laws, Covid-19 unnatural causes, Social distance act and high rates of death and so many more disturbing moments as we face a new life…

I can’t help but to noticed how the people responded to Covid-19, and how they didn’t believe nor understood the deadly outbreak. This was the beginning of ”Hell” for this generation, and its past, as hate took control of people lives. Turning them against their neighbor, making false accusations, promoting hate and Police Violently causing trouble in our communities. Hell is a painful reality that help people suffer..

But, when it come to Heaven, so many of us believe that God is in control, while others experience life without His presence. We come from different backgrounds at different times, some lived healthy lives while others had to pray for help and have faith. This is the simple difference between “heaven and hell on earth.” One have a relationship with it, and the other doesn’t. As of right now, the world is experiencing hell because of its leaders, evil intentions and disobedience.

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