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People You Do Know We Have To Restore Our Lives.

Since the arrival of Covid-19 outbreak the American society has been in ruin, but shortly before this virus, a Political attack was pressured on President Donald Trump. The Democratic Party had an offensive political attitude against him, and it was to impeach him, which went sour.

While the Political leaders fought savagely mentally ”live” around the globe, Covid-19 Experiment was making its way into our country. We paid no attention to the health signs nor did we believe this virus would take a death toll on our lives. Placing people in immediate hospital care. When the cases started rising it was too late; it was hear, and restrictions were enforced on the public. Some called it God’s Pledge against America, a man made deadly infection, or the government population control.

All of them has their ”truths”. Now, so many people have to start over, which is heartbreaking, while others are well off. We have millions of families who can’t handle six months alone or without pay, social contact, getting their hair done, operating their business or unable to pay their bills. People, have lost their jobs and worrying about how they will make it.

This Covid-19 has destroyed a generation of Change for a better tomorrow, a Yes We Can attitude, and it also revealed a disillusional President, who did things his way and got Spiritually punished so the world to may see.

To Restore starts immediately, within our lives, while we’re under the ”Stay at Home,” & ”Save Lives ” act. Online services are provided talk with its followers to see what their saying. Everything, is relevant in this matter. Health care, Leadership, education, relationships, financial stability, jobs, security and Spiritual beliefs. Racism, emerged every time hate visit, the great part about this, it goes viral for the world to see how angry and hateful people are. A lesson for the new generation because they will be attacked. Therefore, restore your life, save your life, pray for your life, strengthen your mind, heart and soul because its born to be challenged…

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