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The American people continue to receive disturbing news affecting their families, communities, employment, health and own lives. The President of The United States continue to rush the process of reopening America without a positive solution.. Only reckless commits abroad, the New York Governor Andrew Como is the hot seat, while showing he is capable of helping the people abroad with his concerns and solutions. Still, the American problem reeks its administrative staff being able to play their role along side the President. Hard as it seems they are costing the American people and its economy great harm just because, they can provide common sense solution for the spread of Covid-19. Damn shame.

As we move on with our Stay-at-home act for now and the worrying of this society turning on one another is troubling. As a nation of people we are dead wrong when it comes to human rights, theirs no way this country should be in this kind of condition, especially with all of the positive solution we posses. Unless, we are the undertakers of humanity?

My opinion for the reopening America should be determine accordingly, while we find an adjustment policy that fits the worlds business organizations format. Companies should apply Covid-19 test for all employees, but they should rotate its staff according to social distance. This will give working people the opportunity to receive proper testing before entering society and the workforce. This will keep the heart of each business beating.

The American people must have their Agriculture we need our farms, we need food to be produce to keep the economy moving. Its a fact we will lose a lot, but if done properly we will gain.

Small businesses should also follow these guideline and rules for public safety, staffs should rotate their working days until the virus clears up. This will also give other people who are having trouble with staying home a chance to experience how life around them may change instantly.

This American society will not do right because of its history and its enormous population and culture, which makes it difficult to follow instructions or listen in general. This why we have those who will cause harm to themselves and others all because, they don’t believe.

We will have to count our blessing while so many of us wait patiently for this to pass. It may cost a lot us our love ones, jobs, friends, things, and sanity. A people alive and healthy is far better than being dead, people. Stay Safe and Learn To Protect and Make Competent Decisions.

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