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My Opinion People

Problems will vary for a lot of us. The fact is, ” Staying at Home” protects many of us and gives us time to restore, heal and prepare for far worst problems to come. Some families will be financially straight when the storm passes, while others will not be able to recover. Unemployment will be a major issue once again for many American people just as racism will continue to present in our American society.

What are we doing while the Covid-19 Virus has made its presence known in our world? As a people we have many speculations about this virus and we’re all right about them. The facts remain, the world as a whole is changing, people are changing and laws on how to govern this America society is changing. While so many of ”us” play the Western America Blame Game; I know everyone has that right to voice their opinions, but we also have the power and ability to be better. Take for example, If you are believers in the Spirit of God, then you live under His Spiritual laws of ownership. If you are a believer of higher Intelligence, then you live and believe that you are the resource to life’s discovery. If you are a believer of Nature or the Natural, then you believe in the natural powers of Supernatural development of existence.

All this being said, we are divided because creation made us that way. Decisions made us that way and our guest to be made is that way. So, here we are in the 21st century, still fighting for: Freedom, Justice, Equality, Control and Power. The only thing that may have changed as we know of is we virtually communicate, which is no replacement for real connectivity. Therefore, as I express my opinion to the people be more aware of what’s happening in our lives, and your next generation lives. For the future of human creation is depending on a better life. Peace!

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