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In God We Trust

In God We Trust:

It has been stated that the purpose of life is the unrestrained and self-sufficient practice of one’s virtues, along with the competent and delighted exercise of one-s skills. But we should remember that such virtues and skills are God’s gift to men.

In God we trust, doesn’t mean we should totally rely on God for everything, for God, doesn’t intend to do everything for us that would derive us of our free will and the shared of the glory, which belong to us.

In this renaissance of the 21st century, we must continue to trust in God. We must also use the spiritual companion sent to us, we must feed our intelligence with the knowledge placed before us, for betterment of this society and ourselves. In order for America to regain its place in the world as a leader in human caring, our family, social area, work place and all other area of our society, must grow in spiritual enlightenment, intelligent awareness and our nature needs must be fulfilled.

In God we trust, must keep us together as one nation of many. Our goals and desires can not and should not force us to forget our duties, duties to our family, our friends and our society and above all our God, in whom we trust.

Messengers have been sent, prayers have been said, yet! in these trial and tribulations of the 21st century, the message is not clear, the prayers are unheard and unanswered. Therefore, in God we trust in misunderstood. A great revival revival is needed, indeed needed for a renaissance of spiritual union of man the foundation has been laid, yet upon this foundation; the deadly harvest has taken root. Our intelligent must be able to clean away the falsehood. Light must shine upon this foundation. This light should direct our ways and means, which will help us regain our rightful place with God, so that our trust is not only a battled cry, but also a true way of life.

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