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The Forgotten Mirror.

Our reflections explains and shows who we really are. ”Ruff-Life”

There was a mirror that wanted to be looked into, but, it had no one willing to stop and look in it. Everyone was so caught up in the world of affairs chasing and enjoying what they know not.

At the bottom of this mirror revealed an inscription, which read:

”If you stop and look into me you will see an image so beautiful and filled with life.”

One day a pieces of the mirror broke off, and fell on the pavement. As time pass by and the busy people of the world continued too follow what they know not. Then one day, while walking a young male saw these pieces of the mirror he reached down and picked them up without cutting himself placing them back onto the mirror. Once replaced a bright image started to appear. With amazement the young male saw himself and began to smile and expressed his joy to others. From this moment forward the mirror attracted whoever walked by it, they all saw and witness life reaching out to them showing them the way.

Through their acts of willingness to notice themselves, they started recognizing what they really cared about. The mirror expanded only too remind those who took time to look at themselves, and to read the inscription. To wit:

“‘Witness Many Inscriptions Revealing Reality Offering Rewards.
( M.I.R.R.O.R); as long as people do not forget who’s in the mirror.”

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