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Opportunities provides great moments for anyone who’s in a relationship with God, man, life and chance. Each one of these are nevertheless, exceptional too creation’s will. A will constructed by a divine creation, a truth many will never understand, although our born intelligence has a duty to enhance its development according to how its being fed daily. Through this man learns about his own nature as he grows up in every environment, encountering different souls with various learning skills. Some would say that their family taught them about manhood or womanhood, a teaching, that’s becoming obsolete in the 21st century. An era so grown up, humans fails too catch its meaning after the lesson has been given. Which may save their life.

When this American society looks at their self through history, they’ll acknowledge amazing social development among other cultures. In the past, our global ethnic groups became separated amongst each other because of beliefs, causing division. Now life, love and history has developed a race of trinity. This is what the 21st century, has enforced, in those who dwelled in its course. If life have to proceed along this course man’s development they must be equip with a Spiritual Union in order to survive and establish a sufficient relationship with humanity..

The heart of this message is explained on several perspectives which applies to our males, in their social actions, communities, relationships, business affairs, beliefs and circle of friends. Therefore, the soul of men are in need of a sacrifice in order to heal their contaminated hearts. Man needs an original Spiritual lesson on inner-sacrifice, to ward off its past generations of misuse of life resources which made him into a worthless human being. A once supreme being who miscalculated God’s wisdom for the wrong reason. Now his offspring is in jeopardy for following in his foot steps.

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