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D.E.P.L.O.R.E. (Decisions Enrage People’s Life, Offending Reality Encouragement).

Decisions, are stored within the minds and hearts of people who process past and present information, that may affect their lives, and hold them liabable for their perceptional views. Every decision developed forms an emotional suggestion, an Attitude, and behavior, that will soon or later influence their well being in and outside of their society. All decisions are natural traits that sometimes offers unhealthy thinking patterns with positive and negative conclusions.

Enrage, only enters the mind and heart of people once they’re denied the basic skills of life lessons. Which, hinders their growth and development. People who become enrage are those who have experienced some type of type of emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and were raised in drug infested homes. If a person does not receive the proper treatment or love its a great chance, they will harm not only them self but others. Enrage, is the last thing this American society need as an influencing tool within the lives of their communities.

People, are nevertheless, subjected to living as they choose. If this society continues to patronize its surrounding cultures, it will legally divide them, promote hate, and destroy its liberty. In the American society, people are taught how to be judgmental, bias, prejudice and quick to criticize its neighbor. The effects discredits their pursuit of Justice, Freedom and Equality and Happiness.

Life, is a natural existence staring us. We are cared for. We learn the do’s and don’t’s as we grow. We make choices as we learn how our decisions and consequences affects our Lives. We experience how security, diversity, equality and power is a key factor within this society. We discovered the values of beliefs, and we sometimes don’t appreciate all that life has to offer..

Offending, people can become harmful or risky, it may also cause them to lash out with a violent attitude. If a person feels offended, they’ll fight you, cuss at you, cross you or even hate you.

Reality, is realness appearing within our lives. How we accept its comfort, truth and natural ways of life is determined upon the relationship we tend to have with it. Reality, appears to have questions and answers which normally places us in odd situations causing us to become angry or bitter. Only, because so many of us are not mentally healthy. Which, causes a perceptional weakness in how we see reality. Thus, everyone has a responsibility to learn what their may of , if not, there’s a great chance of fear and failure will become that person reality…

Encouragement, is a developed gift that provides confidence in others and themselves. The power of encouragement is through its endured Spirit, that lives within mankind and if allowed to enter ones minds and hearts, they surely will be awarded…

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