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The Burdens Affecting The Life of Black males. By Ruff-Life Throughout their life experience black males will have some type of meeting with burdens, that exposes its behaviour patterns and habits passed down by their parents and environment. These burdens naturally affects the lives of people conditioning them as they learn the basic principles of life. Burdens, are obstacles that exploits our lives, they restrict people from performing at their best. They are stumbling blocks that causes frustration. They can be Spiritual vices or fear of achievement. Burdens teaches people how to be emotional when making decisions. The following will occur in a black male life, starting at a young age, and each of them will become a reality for him bring forth trials of all kinds. 1) Absent father: A child with little hope of developing or achieving without him. 2) Prisons: A state or Federal facility that houses people of all ages who has been trialed and convicted of a crime i.e. selling drugs, street gang crimes, armed robbery or murder. 3) Gang Activity: Ties with the Crips, Bloods, G.D.’s, G.F. etc. Brothers who gang bang against each other…. 4) Education: A State Department that offers an outlet for higher learning. Which, many black males rejects. 5) Drugs: Weed, Crack. Cocaine, Pills, Math and Ice…All are narcotics that alters their mind to arresting their state of being. 6) Immature: A not developed person; lacking maturity. A person who does not comprehend. 7). Unemployment: Unable to keep or get a job. Also, a person unwilling t sacrifice. 8) Racism: A damaged heart that reflects its prejudice and bias against its neighbors..

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